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Upcoming Classes - June

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Basic Sports Tools - Guasha

With Jim Earley, LMT

Students will learn techniques to add to their skill sets as massage therapists and sports massage therapists.

This will include learning Gua Sha(Graston muscle scraping) techniques on upper & lower body.

Titanium gua sha (graston tool) will be provided

$195/ 8CEs


Advanced Cupping ROM

Cupping with Release

With Jim Earley, LMT

Range of Motion Cupping or Cupping with Release replicates Pin & Stretch, Pin & Release or ART

Cups will be placed & then put the various muscle groups through ROM.  This will allow a deeper release & relief from pain. We will be performing these techniques on various muscle groups.

Class is very participative & you'll receive a cupping set. However, you're encouraged to bring set from cupping 1.

Prerequisite: Cupping 1

$195/ 8CEs


Forearm Fusion

with Jim Funk

Designed to teach massage therapists how to use maximum pressure with minimal effort & strain; preventing repetitive use injuries & burnout.

The course will teach new & seasoned therapists foundations for improving body mechanics & how to use all aspects of the forearm & elbow.

These techniques will allow you to provide clients with a custom massage without using hands or thumbs.

$169/ 8CEs


Japanese Facial Massage - in all 4 stages

With Vicky Noll, LE, LMT, BCTMB

In this class, you'll learn how to perform a

4-stage ancient, therapeutic facial massage.

Stage 1 (steaming) will include heat through hot towels with an introduction to facial rolling. The second stage (cleansing) utilizes a cleansing oil with first contact facial massage strokes, the third stage (moisturizing) is facial massage pre-energizing stage, and the fourth stage (energizing) is acupressure & shiatsu integrated together.

Your clients will experience increased venous circulation, relaxation & decreased tension of the face/neck/head muscles. Beneficial for headaches, sinus problems, migraines & TMJD. Includes hands-on practicum, handouts & resources. Please bring five facial towels, preferable 16 x 28, one spa headband, sheets and facial oil of choice.


This is a 2-day class



5 Techniques to Work Smarter not Harder

with Laura Parker, LMT


Learn 5 techniques for more effective and longer-lasting results.


Techniques include an introduction to silicon cupping,  kinesio taping, joint manipulation, positional release and active isolated stretching.


Sample set of tools are included.

$195/ 8CEs


Assisted Stretching: AIS

(Active Isolated Stretching)

with Jim​ Earley, LMT

Live! Fun! Interactive & hands on! Includes stretching strap

This class will cover the following aspects of Sports Stretching: AIS:

-Types of Stretching/When to Stretch

-Athletes & Stretching

-Stretching for Clients & Self-Care

AIS- dynamic, short hold, muscle  lengthening way of stretching. Upper & lower body based on Dr. Aaron Mattes principles of AIS.

Great for pre & post event.

$195/ 8CEs

Course Descriptions - click here to enroll

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