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Upcoming Classes - October

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Foundations of Cupping

with Jim Earley, LMT

 You will learn the benefits and contraindications of Cupping and the different types of Cupping: Static and Sliding.  You will learn how to incorporate Cupping into your massage practice and how to use Cupping for athletes both pre and post athletic event.  You will also learn post cupping guidelines to review with your clients.

Each therapist receives a 12 piece cupping set.

Upcoming classes: TBD.

$195/ 8CEs


Rotator Cuff Therapy

with Breanna Eckley, LMT

Whether your client has received rotator cuff surgery or feels the regular tension of daily living in their shoulders, this class will provide the knowledge to help their ailments. We will learn to test for possible injury. We will review treatment methods for those with injuries as well as for daily overuse. Please bring a fitted sheet and face cradle cover.

$175/ 8CEs


Foundations of

Tragerwork Mindfulness

with Fernando Rojas, LMT, PhD


Potentiate your therapeutic competence with skills that stimulate the brain’s neuroplasticity. 
Learn to introduce new neural information and activate positive neuromuscular changes in your clients, all while supporting your own self-care. Learn the theory and techniques to complement your massage treatments by: - reducing or eliminating the potential of massage therapist burnout and/or related injuries; preparing the client’s body for deep work with less strain; and developing, transmitting & sharing mindfulness in action. 
These skills are designed to give the therapist added skills to use as self-care and for their therapeutic sessions.

$180/ 8CEs


Japanese Facial Massage - in all 4 stages

With Vicky Noll, LE, LMT, BCTMB

In this class, you'll learn how to perform a

4-stage ancient, therapeutic facial massage.

Stage 1 (steaming) will include heat through hot towels with an introduction to facial rolling. The second stage (cleansing) utilizes a cleansing oil with first contact facial massage strokes, the third stage (moisturizing) is facial massage pre-energizing stage, and the fourth stage (energizing) is acupressure & shiatsu integrated together.

Your clients will experience increased venous circulation, relaxation & decreased tension of the face/neck/head muscles. Beneficial for headaches, sinus problems, migraines & TMJD. Includes hands-on practicum, handouts & resources. Please bring five facial towels, preferable 16 x 28, one spa headband, sheets and facial oil of choice.



Massage for Sports Injuries - Upper Body

With Laura Parker, LMT, NCBTMB

Learn the basics along with how to address the most common upper body sports injuries. Learn why sports injuries are different than other types of injuries and how you can apply this knowledge to help your client. Some of the injuries addressed with be post-concussion injury, whiplash, and shoulder injuries.  


Course Descriptions - click here to enroll

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