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Upcoming Classes
  • 175 US dollars


with Jim Earley, LMT

 You will learn the benefits and contraindications of Cupping and the different types of Cupping: Static and Sliding.  You will learn how to incorporate Cupping into your massage practice and how to use Cupping for athletes both pre and post athletic event.  You will also learn post cupping guidelines to review with your clients.

Each therapist receives a 12 piece cupping set.

Upcoming classes: TBD.

$195/ 8CEs


Rotator Cuff Therapy

with Breanna Eckley, LMT

Whether your client has received rotator cuff surgery or feels the regular tension of daily living in their shoulders, this class will provide the knowledge to help their ailments. We will learn to test for possible injury. We will review treatment methods for those with injuries as well as for daily overuse. Please bring a fitted sheet and face cradle cover.

$175/ 8CEs

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